Friday, March 23, 2018

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I feel a lump in my breast, what should I do?

First of all....don't panic.  Most lumps turn out to be benign (noncancerous)!

If you feel  a lump  in your breast  on a self breast  examination a radiologic workup is necessary. Every woman with a palpable breast mass or lump, regardless of her age, should undergo imaging to exclude or establish the diagnosis of cancer. The radiologist may recommend a targeted ultrasound, diagnostic mammography or both depending on your age.  In certain cases an image guided biopsy may also be required if the lump has suspicious features. A through clinical breast exam should also be performed by a qualified physician for any suspicious lumps

Contact   your  Physician  or  Provider for a  referral  to Nash  Breast  Care Center .  Please be  assured that the Radiologists  and  caring  staff  at the Nash Brea st Care Center are here to help you navigate this potentially frightening ordeal.

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